Toby Purser


Toby Purser grew up in the Welsh border counties of Shropshire and Herefordshire. He read History at Oxford University (Mansfield College) where he was a scholar and after a Masters degree at Oxford, completed a PhD from the University of Southampton. Toby has taught History in a range of schools and colleges across the United Kingdom. His teaching and research for books – fiction and non-fiction – has taken him to Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Berlin, Istanbul, Normandy, Israel, Jordan and the battlefields of France, Belgium and Gallipoli.


Other works by Toby Purser:


Fiction: The Devil’s Inheritance

Non-fiction: Medieval England 1042-1228; The First Crusade and the Crusader States 1073-1192; Raiders and Invaders: The British Isles c.400-c.1100 and Power and Control: Kingship in the Middle Ages c1100-c.1500

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