Mayhem by Paul Henke


Henke, Paul

06/09/2018 | Paperback |

ISBN: 9780413778017

About Mayhem by Paul Henke

One of the titles in the Nick Hunter / TIFAT adventure series.

Israel is under great threat from its neighbours without and traitors within...

Its leaders can resort to use of nuclear weapons in self-defence but fear the catastrophe that would result. Samuel Dayan is the traitor who has orchestrated a number of atrocities in Europe and the Middle East, with blame falling on Israel. David Golightly, Israel’s Deputy Prime Minister is frantically trying to prevent the threatened conflict.

Nick Hunter and his TIFAT team are brought in to help and after several bloody encounters, and with assistance from Ruth Golightly, a Mossad agent, the TIFAT team finally confront Dayan and his followers.


Paul Henke

The son of a Polish immigrant who came to Britain during the Second World War, Paul Henke was born and raised in the mining valleys of South Wales. Educated at Pontypridd Boys’ Grammar Paul Henke had a burning desire to be a Royal Naval officer from an early age. He trained at Dartmouth Royal Naval College and qualified as a bomb and mine disposal expert, specialising in diving and handling explosives. He led a team of underwater bomb disposal specialists and was Commanding Officer of a number of minesweeping and minehunting ships. Having survived a machine gun attack by IRA gun runners in Ireland in 1976, he was later responsible for securely detonating a number of Second World War mines located off the coast of Britain. Henke lived in Nigeria for fifteen months where he was in charge of a saturation diving system and then later moved to the American Midwest. Paul Henke has travelled extensively, researching material for his work and now lives with his family near Loch Lomond in Scotland where he writes full time. Other works by Paul Henke include A Million Tears, Tears of War & Peace, Silent Tears, Tears until Dawn, The Seventh Circle, Debacle, Phoenix Rising, Mayhem, Chaos and Havoc.


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