William Wordsworth - A Conflict of Love by Wendy Louise Bardsley


Bardsley, Wendy Louise

15/08/2019 | Hardback |

ISBN: 9780413778260

About William Wordsworth - A Conflict of Love by Wendy Louise Bardsley

William Wordsworth – A Conflict Of Love, the latest novel from Wendy Bardsley, sees the young poet, aged just twenty-one, travel to France in 1789 as the revolution begins to rage. Drawn there by his urge to explore, to learn and to write, he unexpectedly falls in love. 

On the voyage to France Wordsworth meets the elegant Elizabeth Montrose, who is travelling to Orléans to visit her nephew Pierre. Wordsworth’s plans are to visit Paris and Orléans so when Elizabeth Montrose invites him to call on her, he gratefully accepts. There he meets Pierre, stays at his splendid château and visits his vineyard. Pierre is a generous man and gives freely to his workers and the locals. But his generosity doesn’t allay fears that as the revolution spreads, his château and vineyard will become targets for pillage and destruction. At the château Wordsworth meets the beautiful Annette Vallon. They become inseparable but their lives are clouded with fear. Revolutionary France is a dangerous place for foreigners and Wordsworth must leave for his safety. Wordsworth is distraught as Annette is expecting his child and he vows to return when calmer times prevail.  

Back in England he befriends Samuel Taylor Coleridge and they collaborate on works of poetry, particularly the Lyrical Ballads.

William and his sister Dorothy return to the Lake District and find Dove Cottage where they meet again a childhood friend Mary Hutchinson. William and Mary fall in love but Wordsworth has learned Annette gave birth to a daughter, his daughter. He is drawn again to France to see Annette and their daughter and after joyous times there he returns to England to write and with Annette’s blessing, to marry Mary Hutchinson.

This is a splendid novel which captures the horrors of revolution and the brilliance of Britain’s best loved poet.



Wendy Louise Bardsley

Wendy Louise Bardsley


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