In the Steps of St Paul


Morton, H. V.

14/03/2002 | Paperback |

ISBN: 9780413771643

About In the Steps of St Paul

In the early 1930s, H. V. Morton retraced the steps of St. Paul from his birthplace at Tarsus to the scene of his martyrdom in Rome.

'The modern traveller who takes the Acts of the Apostles as his guide-book, as I have done,' writes Morton in his Introduction, 'journeys into a part of the world which once enjoyed the unity of the Roman Empire and is now divided among many nations.' But, as his remarkable book reveals, the essential nature of the sites he visited has not altered.

Alive with discovery, anecdote and humour this is at once travelogue and history of the highest order. From Syria through Turkey, Macedonia, Greece, Rhodes, Malta and Italy In the Steps of St Paul is an outstanding guide for any traveller, and the vivid, resonant account of a very personal pilgrimage.

Morton relies on the Bible as a guide and his own natural ability to immerse himself in different cultures to create this powerful, anecdotal narrative that will satisfy the most curious traveller as well as the most informed and passionate reader of the Bible.

In the Steps of St Paul is part of H. V. Morton's famous trilogy which includes In the Steps of the Master and Through Lands of the Bible.


H. V. Morton


H. V. Morton (1892–1979) was one of the most popular travel writers of his time. After a brief period of military service he established a career as a journalist and became a reporter for both The Daily Express and The Daily Herald. H. V. Morton’s debut as an author came in 1927 with In Search of England, a book that became a best seller. His genial writing style endeared him to the countless readers of the books he wrote about his travels around the British Isles, Spain, Italy and the Middle East between 1927 and 1950. In 1941 H. V. Morton accompanied the delegation which travelled to Newfoundland for the meeting between President Roosevelt and Winston Churchill which established the Allied policy for post Second World War Europe, known as the Atlantic Charter. Morton was famously present at the opening of Tutankhamun’s tomb by archaeologist Howard Carter and his team in 1922. After the Second World War, H. V. Morton emigrated to South Africa where he lived until his death in 1979.


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