Dud and Pete The Dagenham Dialogues


Peter Cook and Dudley Moore

06/11/2003 | Paperback |

ISBN: 9780413773470

About Dud and Pete The Dagenham Dialogues

The Dagenham Dialogues, originally published in 1971, have rightfully been acclaimed as the funniest and most popular collection of the wide-ranging dialogues of Dud and Pete, two archetypal men of Beacontree Avenue.


Moving from sex, art, religion, superstition, animals and royalty to the weightier matters of things that go "slurp, slurp, glug, glug" in the night, these twelve dialogues are gritty, eye-opening and utterly hilarious.


"Dud: We said we'd rendez-vous in front of the Flemish Masters...That's right. I said I'd whip through the Abstracts, go through the El Greco, up the Van Dyke and I'd see you in front of the bloody Rubens.

Pete: No you didn't, Dud. It doesn't matter anyway.

Dud: Here have a sandwich. My feet are killing me."


Peter Cook

Peter Cook




Dudley Moore

Dudley Moore


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