Cricket in the Park


Packham, Roger

16/07/2009 | Hardback |

ISBN: 9780413776938

About Cricket in the Park

Henry North Holroyd, the 3rd Lord Sheffield was born in 1832. After Eton he spent time in the Diplomatic Service and the Army. He became an MP for East Sussex in 1857 and held the seat for eight years. Also in 1857 he began his first term as president of Sussex CCC and remained in office for eleven years.

As an Eton schoolboy he had become passionately fond of cricket and when his father died in 1878 inherited wealth enabled him to indulge his passion for the game in many ways. He served a second long term as president of Sussex CCC from 1879 to 1896 during which time he gave the club very generous financial help with running costs of the club and donated generously when it purchased the present county ground in Hove.

But his greatest indulgence was at his home, Sheffield Park, where he built a cricket ground to match any in the country. In 1884 and on four later occasions, the Australian Tourists began their tours with a fixture against Lord Sheffield's XI, captained always by the legendary W G Grace. In 1891/2 Lord Sheffield took the England team to Australia to play a Test series. Other grand matches in the Park included fixtures against South Africa and a team of Parsees from Bombay. Lord Sheffield was famous for his hospitality and no expense was spared in staging these wonderful cricket matches.

Cricket In The Park tells Lord Sheffield's story. His was a fascinating life of a Victorian aristocrat whose like we have not seen since.


Roger Packham


Roger Packham is a researcher, historian and cricket devotee. He has written a number of titles on the histories of villages in Surrey and contributed significant research for Sir John Major's More Than A Game. This is his first cricket history work and his book is very worthy of its subject.


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