Hegley, John

22/05/2014 | Paperback |

ISBN: 9780413773418

About Dog

 * * * * * New paperback edition of the sniffing, growling,
yowling, yelping, eighth helping of Hegley * * * * *

‘Barking'  The Independent

 A mongrel mix of prose, poem, cartoon strip, letter and limerick.

 Musings upon his mum, his chum, his love, his love’s loss and salvation at the paws of his chum’s mum’s Welsh Border Collie.

 * * * * *

 The dog is better suited to the hat
even though the cat
seems born to it by rhyming.

 * * * * *

 ‘If he wasn’t so profound a poet, he’d probably be regarded more seriously as a comedian, and if he wasn’t such a fine comedian, he’d certainly be taken far more seriously as a poet’
The Guardian



John Hegley

John Hegley performs live at venues all over Britain, including at the Edinburgh Festival. He appears on television and radio and his poems are featured regularly in The Guardian. He has published numerous volumes of poetry.

His various media appearances include Wogan, Ross, Anderson, a mention on Brookside, two John Peel sessions with musical outfit The Popticians, They Think It's All Over and a host of others. He has also been the subject of a BBC Radio 4 series Hearing With Hegley.

He has been awarded an honorary Doctorate of Letters from the University of Luton, in which town he grew up. He accompanies some of his verses on the mandolin. He has worked on buses and in a social security office, a hospital and a rag-cleaning factory, but it is the theatre he loves best.



'If he wasn't so profound a poet, he'd probably be regarded more seriously as a comedian, and if he wasn't such a fine comedian, he'd certainly be taken far more seriously as a poet'

The Guardian



'An inventive, eccentric, comic intelligence'

The Sunday Times



'Plenty of new tricks to ensure he can still have his day'

London Evening Standard




The Independent

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